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Bike Shops in Orlando / Kissimee

ProssPross Posts: 34,171
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Off to Florida with the family in just over a week and wifey says I can get some cycling kit if it is cheaper over there. Does anyone know of a decent bike shop in the Orlando area that would be worth a visit? Looking more at clothing than bike bits.


  • Bought some lights and a camelbak over there a couple of years back although the exchange rate was much better ,almost 2:1 at the time. Didn't declare them ofc. I wish I had bought more goodies. tbh. Not sure what the potential customs/VAT rates are but there is the potential to negate all your savings.Also warranties are not valid

    Used this place in Clearwater , a bit away from where you may be staying.

    £1.25 for sign up

    Cashback on wiggle,CRC,evans follow the link
  • ProssPross Posts: 34,171
    Obviously I won't be buying anything out there, I'll have taken some nearly new shorts with me just in case I get a chance to ride but they'll be coming back in an unused and clean condition :lol:
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