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Which Aero time trial wheels?

martin56martin56 Posts: 213
edited March 2010 in Amateur race
Can anyone give me some advise on buying some good wheels for Time Trailing. I use clinchers at the moment so am thinking of changing to "Tub's" :D
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  • sub55sub55 Posts: 1,025
    ZIPP 808 F
    ZIPP 900 DISC B
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  • gregkgregk Posts: 17
    HED Jets 60 front 90 rear, or a disk

    I'd stick with clinchers (the HED clinchers are nice and light and bomb-proof, unlike the ZIPP's where you need to go with tubs to keep the weight down)

    Upgrade to Flamme Rouge option if you have money to burn.
  • PokerfacePokerface Posts: 7,960
    If you have the funds, any rear disc is a good option. Zipp, Hed, Corima, Reynolds, FFWD - they all make decent rear discs.

    A deep section front (like a Zipp 404 or 808) is good also.

    Depends if you want the wheels JUST for a TT bike - but also for a road bike. (I use a Zipp disc and 404 front - and the 404 goes on my road bike also).

    Last year I used a Zipp 808 rear and 404 front on both my TT and road bike for racing.
  • DanEvsDanEvs Posts: 640
    I've got Planet X 82/101 combo and they seem really well made/fast.
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