xero lite wheels

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Has anyone used these wheels? My LBS has recommended them as an upgrade fro my winter bike but i've heard they can be a bit flexy.


  • bigmat
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    Good wheels in my experience, I'm a fairly weighty rider (80-86kg or so) and haven't found them too flexy, have covered a few thousand miles and haven't needed trueing (although they could maybe do with it now, although not urgent - I just like to run my pads nice and close). They look great as well in my opinion and are seriously light, for the money I paid (a lot less than they go for now as I got them on US import when it was $2 to the £) I've been very pleased.

    Not sure they'd be ideal for a winter bike though, you might be better off with something a bit weightier and robust, pehaps even a handbuilt. I think Xero Lites are "best" wheels on the cheap, rather than winter / training wheels, if that makes sense...
  • Guz
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    Stay well clear would be my advice....and defo not for cold winter days.

    I'm 82 kilos and the back wheel continuously needed respoking, so much so that I wrote to Xero and got a new replacement set. I sold them straight away to a lighter rider. The Xero agent told me over the phone I was to heavy for them...

    I actually wonder how they get such high ratings in magazines, there's not one person in my ckub would ride them. The skewers also come loose on a regular basis. One team mate wrecked a pair in 2 weeks from new :shock:

    I now ride mavic open pro rims with dura ace hubs, 32 spokes though. However I know they will get me home :wink:
  • Garry H
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    I have the XR210 model. They seem strong enough to me. I'm about 63 kgs.
  • kingrollo
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    I have the Xero marvalliso's - prety light - I am not particulary heavy rider 11.5st - but they do flex slightly when I am out of the saddle.
  • Chrissz
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    kingrollo wrote:
    I have the Xero marvalliso's - prety light - I am not particulary heavy rider 11.5st - but they do flex slightly when I am out of the saddle.

    I got a set too - and I'm nearly 16st :!: They are now on my winter bike - not found them flexy or anything and they've remained perfectly true despite a couple of thousand miles on them.

    However, there is now play in the front wheel bearings and these are cartridge types so I've had to order a new set (of bearings) from Zepnat cycles.
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    I have a pair of Xero Lite XR1 that I have had for about 3 years. They have performed faultlessly. Bearings are still good and only minor truing required. BTW, I am currently 89kg. They do flex a little but not enough to cause any concern and I have never had brake rub with them. Never had a problem with QRs coming loose either.
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