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SRAM 8 to 9 speed compatability?

gaspodegaspode Posts: 110
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I have an 8 speed Dahon Mu SL - it needs a new cassette and chain, but before I buy a straight replacement, I thought I'd ask if anyone knows if a 9 speed cassette will fit the standard hub (it's got an SRAM X7 rear changer which I understand is 8/9 speed compatible, so I'd only need to change the trigger shifter if I go 9 speed).
The 2007 onwards Mu SL is already 9 speed, so I'm hopeful that the rear wheel is the same as my bike, in which case it should be a straightforward change (and the oracle that is Sheldon Brown suggests that Shimano/SRAM 8 and 9 speed casstetes should be interchangeable). Anyone able to confirm?
Thanks in advance......


  • nicklousenicklouse Posts: 50,675 Lives Here
    cassette straight on as they are the same width. new shifter and 9spd chain needed as well,and the front mech may not shift quite as smoothly.
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  • gaspodegaspode Posts: 110
    thanks for the quick reply - no need to worry about the front mech (single chainring) so looks as if I can do the upgrade :)
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