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Removing forks

furbyfurby Posts: 200
edited April 2010 in MTB workshop & tech
Having trouble removing the forks from my frame. Iv removed the stem and spacers and got down to this point.


I was expecting the fork to then slide out but it wont shift. Do I need to take anything else off or does it need persuading with a mallet?


  • *AJ**AJ* Posts: 1,080
    edited March 2010
    The retainer wedge just needs prising apart with a skrewdriver, you can see where on the pic at around (5 o'clock)
  • nicklousenicklouse Posts: 50,675 Lives Here
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  • furbyfurby Posts: 200
  • furbyfurby Posts: 200
    hmmm, ok its plastic and there is no space for a screwdriver like on the FAQ's.

    The plastic is going to get damaged even more if i keep trying to fit a screwdriver in (its a thin bladed screw driver)
  • *AJ**AJ* Posts: 1,080
    it needs to come out, or up!
  • get some tweezers, nudge the fork from side to side, not up and down, this will loosen the pressure on the ring, or have the bike on a stand so no pressure is being put on one side. then where the ring is apart, put the tweezers in between, and prize the tweezer apart, and then it will loosen the ring off.

  • joshtpjoshtp Posts: 3,966
    either prize the wedge out, or, my prefered method, hit it with a hammer! (well, mallet)
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  • scottbowlbyscottbowlby Posts: 143
    I'd just got a block of wood place on top and hit with a hammer..
  • furbyfurby Posts: 200
    Cheers guys, mallet worked a treat :roll:

    Next problem.... I gave the forks to a trusted mate to transfer the star nut etc and cut the steerer due to my lack of tools and him working in a bike shop.... its been cut to short! FFS!!

    Obviously the steerer should come right to the top, but can I get away with a gap? If sol, how much a gap?

    I can take out spacers but I want to keep what spacers I can in, last thing I want to be taking out spacers and lowering the front, the opposite that I wanted....
  • supersonicsupersonic Posts: 82,708 Lives Here
    The stem and spacers want to clear the top of the steerer by no more than 5mm ideally. But enough so the preload cap can do its job.

    You may have to remove spacers I am afraid.
  • peter413peter413 Posts: 5,120
    There should be about a 3mm gap between the top of the stem and steerer.

    I think its 3mm anway, sonic will confirm :roll:

    I'm tired :lol:
  • furbyfurby Posts: 200
    Thought that was the case, thanks for your help guys,

    Luckly the new fork is longer so it wont be too bad.
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