Disc verses tri spoke/trispoke versus deep?

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Right, i'm new to this sort of thing but........

i realise deep nsection rims are more aero-dynamic and disperse the air better than standard wheels, so.........

why is a disc better than a deep rim?

what is better a tri-spoke or a disc?

how does a disc differ from a tri-spoke (in what it does)?

what would be the best set up for say a very average rider over mostly 10's, the occasional 25 on a less-than-flat course with cross winds.

thanks in advance.........



  • prepare for can of worms!

    Disc good most aero option, looks cool and sounds like a tie fighter too. anything other than hill climbs is probably faster irrespectie of Yaw angles

    Front you can get anal about wind and stall angles and some argue balck is white etc but an aero front 404, carbone etc will cover most courses really well and have limited associated handling problems.

    808, planetx101 corima pr hed trispokes can be very slightly fasterr than 404 / carbone (in the right circumstances) but are expensive and quite specialised bits of kit. These very deep section fronts are sexy to look at but frightening in side winds. Remember that the pros ride on closed roads so a gust pushing them a meter into the road doesnt have the same issues as might be the case for you.

    I have a corima disc / 404 combination that works well for me and goes faster than (most) people running deep section front wheels on DC, rolling and sporting courses every weekend.

    There are loads of good 50 - 60mm rimmed wheels available, most are pretty good, choose one that you like the look of, can afford and whose marketing bumf you most agree with. timetrialing forum is good to pick up second hand bargains that are described honestly.

    edit I see youve asked the question there too :)