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Mountain bike clubs in Halifax west Yorkshire ?

oasis99999oasis99999 Posts: 27
edited September 2012 in MTB rides
Hi anyone know of any mountain bike clubs in west Yorkshire Halifax ? I'm after joining one ? Thanks


  • Hiya ... i'm from Halifax too ... i dont know of any clubs as such, but there's plenty of places to ride ... :)
  • bluckyblucky Posts: 40
    I'm just about to pick up a new bike, first one in 10 years...... did you manage to find a club or somewhere decent to ride locally ??

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  • Ho humHo hum Posts: 236
    My manager lives in Elland and I am often down in Halifax for work and looking at the terrain I can easily imagine that there are some cracking places to ride.

    Maybe I should take my MTB down with me the next time I go down for work??
  • Here is one i have found, its Hudersfield and Halifax, not been out with them yet but do intend on doing ....

    Also Pedal Sport do a ride from Elland Cricket Club on Thursdays about 7pm .... (i think they still run it) ....

    But as said before there are loads of different trails ... depends really what type of riding you want ...
  • gazza74gazza74 Posts: 14
    hi, there is a club based in huddersfield ( huddersfield star wheelers)
    they do mtb rides on sat mornings starting from all over hudds area.
    search for them on the web and e mail their mtb secretary for details
  • Thanks for everyone's advice, I usually ride out from Brighouse down the canal and am keen to learn new off road routes.....
  • cubby@cartorque[email protected] Posts: 161
    edited September 2012
    Just found this website and joined up ....!/groups/Moun ... rk_t=group not a club as such but it is a start if there are rides to be organised etc ....

    Worth a look ....
  • Thanks Cubby, have just signed up.....
  • Hey there, VS Cycles in Brighouse town centre do a ride out one night of the week, you could always pop in and ask them about it if you're setting off from Brighouse anyway.

    I live in Halifax and I've found quite a nice route that sets off from Ogden Water, heads up to Withens and then drops back down to Ogden again.

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  • Graham KGraham K Posts: 329
    Was gonna post a link but The Cubster beat me to it.
  • Youve to be quick to beat me G .... lol

    Why aint you registered yet ? Its new so needs building up, but could be good for local (localish G) riders ....
  • Graham KGraham K Posts: 329
    Youve to be quick to beat me G .... lol

    Why aint you registered yet ? Its new so needs building up, but could be good for local (localish G) riders ....

    Because I am lazy and useless :oops:
    Will do it this week.
  • This lot ride 3 - 4 times a week in the Halifax, Huddersfield and surrounding areas ...... :)!/groups/Moun ... rk_t=group
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