Juicy 4sl to Elixir 5's

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I currently have Juicy 4 rsl's on my bike and have been thinking of getting some Elixir 5's is it worth the change. Also i know something is only worth what someone is willing to pay but what sort of price would i expect to get for my Juicys if i did change.


  • i think they're the same brake arent they? just one has a one/two more adjustments?

    not really a worthy upgrade in my eyes tbh..... actually... no Avid brake is an upgrade :lol:
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    Nah, elixirs are loads better, more power, better modulation, more reliable etc etc, big upgrade, do it.
    Also, for your juicies, i'd say you're looking at £50 per brake new, ish, so say £60 or so for the pair used. Personally i'd never touch used brakes, but that's me.
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    bigbenj_08 wrote:
    i think they're the same brake arent they? just one has a one/two more adjustments?

    Not even slightly. Elixir is a completely different brake and much better than the Juicys in almost every field.
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    I like the juicys that I've had but having switched to Elixirs recently I'd echo the above. It's a totally redesigned system, the lever feel is tons firmer and the progression better. Not clear yet on top end braking power but I never had a problem with that on J3s or 7s anyway.

    well worth the upgrade, ebay the old ones and get what you can.
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