Trek 2.1 '09 vs '10

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I am looking to buy my first road bike and have found that I can get a 2009 model Trek 2.1 for 7500 NOK (£830). That's about as much as I want to spend on my first bike. I have also been in contact with a guy I know in Germany that can get me the 2010 model for a little more, 9000 NOK (£1000). I can see that they are almost the same, but there are some differences. Is it worth it to buy the 2010 model, or do you think I will be equally pleased with the '09?

And how do you feel about this bike? Is it any good?


  • topdude
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    Don't forget you will need other things like, pedals / shoes / gloves / helmet etc.
    If you like the look of the 09 bike you would have some money for the other items :D
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  • MagnusW
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    I'm aware that I need other things as well, and I have accounted for it.

    I'm not thrilled with the looks of the '09, but it is okay. I like the 2010 model better. I was more interested in whether the '10 is better or if it is the same.
  • Squillinossett
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    I find the 2009 more pleasing to the eye.

    I would get this and use the money saved for shorts etc. Or as you have saved nealry £200, you could buy the Ultegra 6600 wheeks for £200, and sell the Bonty SSR's that come on the bike. They are very heavy wheels, and the best upgrade I made to my bike.