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Hi Follks,

just looking for a bit of advice - when I'm bombing down a trail at speed, I'm up off the seat in the attack postion, my weight feels pretty centred & I can shift my weight about comfortably - however, if I need to change gear or pedal for a bit, I always find myself returning to saddle to do this. Standing and pedaling seems to shift my weight too far forward which makes me twitchy as the weight seems too much over the front wheel.

So what I'm wondering is - is this normal and something I just need to get used to or is it indicating there may be something wrong with how my bike is set up? I've thought about putting on a shorter stem but not sure if its really necessary and how much difference it would make.


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    If you put a shorter stem on the bike it will make the handling twitchier.

    The way to get around this is to fit wide bars but not everyone can (body size and trails you ride)

    Regarding gear changing, I sometimes sit down, sometimes I don't. Depends what I'm riding at the time
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    Well it could be a case of planning, if you know where the trail goes then change gear earlier maybe if you can or just shift your bum back a little and a quick gear change and pedal stroke is what I tend to find works.

    Or if your not on the big ring already, go up on to the big ring prior to the DH and then, shift up on the block at the block. This will give a slightly taller gear to which you can still pedal and you wont spin out or have to change while standing
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    Yeah, since i got a FS i find myself seated on the trail a lot more when pedalling, i'm trying to get out of it though as it doesn't really give a great deal of control in technical sections. I think it's because i'm not used to the suspension action when pedalling, as i rode a hardtail a lot before...
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    It depends on the bike with mie the teocali is a saddle bike so only get up on the pedals on technical stuff however the STP is a pedals bike so every thing is stood up even changing gear, it really is a technique thing. Practice and see what feels right to you and your bike, session these things until it becomes instinctive.
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