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getting started

baba123baba123 Posts: 235
edited March 2010 in XC and Enduro
i've been looking forward to cross-country racing for a while her is the problem, what to take i know so far my giant anthem x3 and everything you would take on a normal bike ride but after that im a bit stuck so um, help
mongoose amasa elite 08
giant anthem x4 10


  • wavey1490wavey1490 Posts: 39
    well here is my list of what i take to every race

    BIKE !!!
    glasses x 2
    shoes x 2
    gloves x 2
    s/s jersey x 2
    l/s jersey x 1
    shorts x 2
    socks x 2
    arm warmers
    leg warmers
    base layer
    windproof/waterproof jacket
    sleeveless gilet
    enegy drinks and gels
    2/3 extra sets of tyres for varying conditions
    full tool box
    zip ties (for putting number on bike)
    tubes x 3
    spare normal clothes too
    money for bacon butty and tea too

    HOPE THIS HELPS :wink:
    Anorexic Racing Snake ;)
  • baba123baba123 Posts: 235
    i agree with everything there but proberley won,t use glasses though, but i ecspecially like the very last one :D:D:D
    mongoose amasa elite 08
    giant anthem x4 10
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