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Also very overweight and need help starting out

jameswardjamesward Posts: 2
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Hello all.

I've noticed the original post in 2007 with on the same theme but thought it best to ask fresh as I'm sure an array of new and improved bicycles are available now for those such as myself.

Confession time, I'm very overweight, have been for all of my 20's (currently 27) and I'm intending to be fit before I'm 30. I've felt the weight I've put on over the last year due to a long term relationship shattering and frankly I'm ready to come out of the downward spiral, this is why I'm coming to you hat in hand.

Not sure exactly how much I weight yet as this post is quite literally step 1 on my journey but suffice to say it's likely to be around 25 stone or over. I'm near plenty of areas that are ideal for cycling and hope to include my commute in it too at some point.

I need my first bike in over 10 years, assuming I remember how to ride it ;), and I've got a budget in mind around the £200+ mark, could you all recommend the most ideal bike for somebody my size, I'm 6" exactly and have a stocky build.

My hope is that I can start something positive and keep up the momentum and get this thing sorted.

Many thanks in advance for any help rendered.


  • anything around 200 quid is gonna be a of a fairly poor standard, in my opinion you should try go up to about 300, there is a fairly big step up in quality for that extra hundred quid and if your planning on taking up cycling then its definately the way forward for you.

    you should be able to get a big name brand bike in that price range from a decent bike shop and usually the guys in the shop will give you spot on advice.

    now is the time to get cycling, the better weather is coming in (hopefully), if your looking to get out of that downward spiral then its the best time for it, just stay positive, get a shiny new bike and get out and enjoy yourself, aslong as your having fun losing the weight will be easy, and when the weight falls off you in turn will get happier

    best of luck mate
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  • bramstokerbramstoker Posts: 250
    Having been there and done that (11 stone lost so far) id say get the most beat up cheapest hybrid/mtb with the biggest mtb tyres you can. Even go down the tip and see what they have.
    Put the £200 away and add to it, give yourself a target weight and buy a nice shiney new bike when you hit that target.
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