New road shoes- alternatives?

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Liked the look of these? ... elID=31712

Will be for road racing and triathlon. Will the ratchets be a pain at changeovers?


  • i guess it depends how much time you can afford to lose. i use DHB r1s for duathlons which have velcro straps to secure and although they take a few seconds to get comfy i dont really mind as i am never going to challenge the leaders so losing a few seconds in t1 and t2 is not an issue when i have comfy feet on the cycle stage.

    if you are in the leading bunch with a view to an overall win, you mihgt want to consider something else with just one strap, if you are in the main bunch and can gain back the seconds lost in the run home then go for comfort and secure fit.

    ulimately, if a few seconds in Transition is a real issue, you are either going for an overall win or not swimming/running/cycling fast enough! :-)
  • i have those shoes, and they aint the quickest to get into and get those ratchets fully tight, you can push them through but not sure how you would manage on the bike trying to do it. also they are slower to undo
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    Undoing the Shimano ratchets is a two handed affair (for me), so you wont be getting out of the shoe prior to entering the transition like you would (could) with just velcro!
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  • Perhaps something from the Time 50% sale at Planet-X/On-One?
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    Cheers all.

    Think i'll just stick with velcro straps.

    Will have a look on the sale pages.

    Maybe these : ... 16042.html