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mancjonmancjon Posts: 53
edited March 2010 in Health, fitness & training
Been doing a bit of reading on this forum about mtb vs road fitness. Consensus seems to be that mtb is more interval type training ie. bit exertion, rest, big exertion etc. whereas road riding is good for building a base level of fitness because you can keep a steady cadence for a lot of miles.

MIght be a bit of a dumb question :? but is there any huge difference between doing the road miles on an actual road bike or an mtb with slicks fitted. By difference i am primarily talking about the fitness benefit.




  • Lou_mLou_m Posts: 97
    I'd say there is no difference. After all 4 hours road riding is 4 hours whatever bike you ride. Your pace will be slower than on a road bike but if you are still putting in the same effort then its all good.
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