Winter bike bling..

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Despite summer time being technically just a couple of days away the reality in my part of the world is that its going to be some time till summer bike with summer tyres is the order of the day.

Looking for a recommendation on some red tyres for those days when the rains coming down or just about to do so.

Decent grip, and good blow out protection. Ive spent hours tooing and frowing on the internet with such contradictory reviews. Continental gatorskins have been great and remain on my good bike for the time being but fancy giving the rain bike a wee lift.

Also as asked by someone on another thread can I just swap over Shimano 2300/sora brake calipers over to 105's as the stopping power is Woefull.

Fairly basic questions but I'd rather ask than get it wrong and I want to try my hand at basic maintenance rather than relying on my brilliant lbs for everything.


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    The red on continental gP 4000s is a rich, alluring hue which would give your cycle a lift and complement the most foppish of spring time fashions.

    good tyres too...
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