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Return or not to return

mattrsamattrsa Posts: 143
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I bought a altura night vision waterproof jacket a few months back when I started to commute again and it seemed great.
Used it many times and it kept me warm and dry, granted it was only light rain

Twice this week it has been raining pretty hard on the way home and within 15 min in the rain the arms are completely soaked through

Shall I return it and ask for another one or refund? Or I'm I expecting too much from a £90 jacket

As I say I have had it about 2/3 months and have not got problems with the rest of the jacket it just seems the arms are no longer waterproof

I should say I have not washed it so it can't be that which is causing the problem.
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  • DonDaddyDDonDaddyD Posts: 12,689
    I've found waterproof clothing don't keep water out, they keep water in...

    (make you sweat like the clappers)
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  • iPeteiPete Posts: 6,076
    How have you been washing it? I'm guessing it could do with 're-proofing' is thats possible, I think you can buy sprays, something like this.. ... 360025841/
  • mattrsamattrsa Posts: 143
    I have not washed it yet, the only time it got a bit dirty I just wiped it with a damp cloth
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  • rjsterryrjsterry Posts: 18,259
    DonDaddyD wrote:
    I've found waterproof clothing don't keep water out, they keep water in...

    (make you sweat like the clappers)

    +1 I also have an Altura Night Vision jacket, and use t to keep me warm rather than dry. I've washed mine a few times as well, without any loss in waterproofness. Has the taping of the seams come undone? If so, then definitely a return I'd say.
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  • sharm1969casharm1969ca Posts: 136
    Try washing the jacket in NIKWAX. Run the washing machine on empty to make sure there is no soap left in all the little nooks and crannies, then put your jkt in on a 30deg wash, and then drip dy on the line on a good day. Ive got an altura night vision jkt also and ive done mine twice this way with no adverse effects. Oh forgot to tell you mate to also put the NIKWAX inside the drum with the jkt NOT in the soap tray. Hope this helps.
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