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mtb routes near kirkintilloch glasgow

big barkerbig barker Posts: 525
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hi ive just joined the forum, this is the first time ive erver done snything like this. anyways does anyone no of any good cycles routes around kirkintilloch glasgow


  • big barkerbig barker Posts: 525
    jesus you would think i couldent spell, please excuse the spelling mistakes
  • nomadicbrynomadicbry Posts: 223
    Carron Valley is really close to you just head over the fintry Lennoxtown road then a right on teh Denny road or you can get there via Klsyth

    there were apparently routes build around Lennoxtown woods i think

    Mugdock park is full of route just go out and try eery promising route
    of course there are tons more if you widen your area...north to the Trossachs for instance
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  • Just seen this, Big, take it you got sorted out?

    I go out with a Meet Up group, mostly from Milngavie, has runs on a Monday and Tuesday nights, depending on weather and the like. Also does a lot of other stuff. Just google Meet Up Mountain Bike Glasgow and you will find us.

    Everyone welcome!!
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