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Surrey Hills or Swinley this weekend?

evadeevade Posts: 115
edited March 2010 in Routes
I'm going out for my first proper blast on my new bike Saturday :D (and first proper blast of 2010). Anyone got any idea of the conditions of SH (either side of Peaslake) or Swinley at the mo? Be nice not to be drowning in mud whilst getting the hang of the new steed. I hear that Harry Potter is back at Swinley - have they blocked any of the decent trails? Any info gratefully received...

Evade :)
Scott Spark 35


  • flowproflowpro Posts: 64
    Went to Swinley last sunday.
    Plenty of mud around it makes Swinley far more interesting, but it’s easy to avoid the worst of it.
    Pretty much what I was expecting after the winter we just had it’s going to be months before everything drys completely.
    Only been once before but found a lot more single track this time. If you go try seagull it’s not downhill but pumpy and good fun flat out but be warming its multi directional had a few near miss’s.
    Load up the front wheel and let the back do what it wants. Cracking fun. :D
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