Genesis Day One Cross

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Anyone tried this or own one?

I'm after a single speed for commuting, occasional longer rides and the odd bridleway/tow path. It seems like an ideal choice, but I can't find much about it other than the sales crap.

Had a few steel Genesis' before (mtbs) and loved them.

Equally, if you fancy swapping yours (or something similar) for a hardcore hardtail mtb (18" on-one summer season, pikes etc), then let me know!!




  • ex-pat scot
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    Don't know much about the Genesis, but the idea seems good.

    I'm using a Specialized Langster for 40 miles per day commuting (inc hilly 15/20% bits) and it's pretty much ideal.
    I am thinking about trying to find a Specialized singlecross as an even better (winter) commuter - I believe would be identical to the Langster, but with cantis and better clearances. From what I know, it would be pretty similar to the Genesis day 1 cross.
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    I have a Specialized Single Cross that I'm thinking of shifting. Could be interested in a swap - have you got photos?
  • catbaier
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    Pics here: ... directlink

    Search for "FS - On-One 456 Summer Season 18". Complete bike" on the forums and you'll find the ad.

    Do you have pics and spec of the Tricross?
  • 2poc
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    I'll get picks posted up tonight. I bought just after Xmas and have used it a handful of times.

    Can seem to find your ad can you cut n paste the link in here?