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Mavic ksyrium Elite Help please

weatyweaty Posts: 122
edited March 2010 in Workshop

My mate has just bought a second hand cad9 dale with these wheels on.
I noticed when he got it that the hubs had a little play in them and a couple of spokes needed tightening.

I could nip the hubs up by hand but need the 5 pronged tool to do the right job, anyone know where I can get one from ?

The spokes on the non drive side of the back wheel all seem to be tightened right down to the rim, so no adjustment on that side, but there is movement on the drive side.
Is it ok to back the non drive side spokes off a little and take out the slight buckle with the drive side ? Or is this a bad idea ?
I have built a couple of wheels before but am a little cautiouse as I have had nothing to do with this type of wheel before.
I have got the specific mavic spoke key.

Thanks for any help
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