newbie needing advice

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first ile say hi to you all,been trudging through posts for months but finnaly took the plunge.

so as a newbie (currenty laid up with a bulging disc ) and a budget of about £400 but more thinking of buying second hand to get the bargain. i will be mostly riding xc with some tame downhill (my nearest track is cannock chase) so my question is do i want a hardtail or a older full sus ?

i like the look of the 07/08 specialized rockhoper if its the hard tail you advice me on.
but unsure on older full sus.i have to take into account that i have a glass back at the moment.

all coments appreciated as i am new to all this, its normally motorbikes i ride but need to make some changes in my life, and getting fit is the first step.

thanks in advance dave.