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2010 - the second 1000Mile Challenge

For months now I have been talking non-stop about the 1000+ Mile Cycling Challenge I will be undertaking in May for charity, with my friends Oliver Hoare (Head Information Assurance for the 2012 London Olympic Delivery Authority), Dirk Bischof (MD of charity Embrace), Deuan German (FM for charity CEN) and Damian Bell (MD of Supply Direct Ltd). We are cycling from the most Southwesterly point of the UK to the most Northeasterly, from Land's End to John O'Groats, and battling the 25%+ hills, rain, wind and whatever else comes our way in 1100+ miles of cycling...and we've got a cameracrew following us, turning this second 1000Mile Challenge into a documentary!

Our aim is to raise £25,000 to support the superb charity Project Peru
This small charity gives vital support to children in the shantytowns of Lima, Peru with food, clothes, shelter and education in their own centre. Project Peru is a small charity so has few admin costs, ensuring that virtually all money raised goes to where it is needed! Please help us to help them, and donate any amount you wish via *
Please also forward this email to your colleagues and friends to help us raise as much as possible. Every penny counts!

In addition to donations from individuals we would be especially interested to hear from companies who might like to sponsor us. We will be getting jerseys made onto which company logos would be printed, giving you nearly 1100miles of exposure throughout the UK and will also get great exposure in the documentary being shot of us attempting this huge challenge. Logo's with link will be on our websites, blogs, videosharing sites, forum entries and so on.
Please get in touch for more information!

I have also attached a poster for the various noticeboards you may have at your office - it would of course be greatly appreciated if you could arrange to put this up!


What do people say about Project Peru?:

"We want to thank Proyecto Perú for the ongoing help over several years for our people in Las Laderas …. Thanks again for the emergency shelter, for the nursery school where we have up to 100 children between 2-5, all coming from really poor families and learning under the care of their teachers in a place where now they can be much better protected…" - local parish priest and the social worker of Las Laderas

* Note that donating through JustGiving is simple, fast and totally secure. Donating this way means your donation can be gift-aided too; the taxman pays the tax back to the charity, leaving them more cash to do the important work they do!


  • How long are you doing it in though?
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  • amaferangaamaferanga Posts: 6,789
    Are you all cycling non-stop or is it a relay event? If the later then it sounds more than a little familiar....
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