Turbo trainer use while recovering from a broken wrist?

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Evening all,

I started commuting to work by bike early feb, got my times down a fair bit and felt better for it even though it was only 15miles per day.

Three weeks ago tomorrow I had a little erm "incident" :lol: . Misjudged a low curb and made a small emergency exit over the bars, Landed on my left wrist and kicked the bars on the way through with my right foot.

This was 4 miles into the 7.5 so I hopped back on the bike and continued to work, Went to A&E the next day to be told I'd broken my wrist and badly bruised my foot.

The foot has finally healed and I want to get back in the saddle but I've been told not to ride till the cast comes off. Apparently I've got two fractures running down the bone rather than across it so any more impact could be nasty.

I have a turbo trainer but really struggle to find any sort of rhythm or motivation when on it. Obviously the Ipod helps break the boredom but I am looking for a system that will allow me to do an hour each evening just to maintain the level of fitness I have got to so far. It's not much but I'm hoping that it will help when I get this stupid cast off.



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    sorry to hear about the off.

    I can't help with the motivation, but iPod or TV should help.

    I was in you're position a few years back.

    The cast will get soaked in sweat and could go soft. So be prepared to get it changed often if you can swing it or put up with the smell.

    If it does soften I would get it checked out to ensure that it doesn't have any impact on you're recovery.

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  • DaveHudson
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    Hi Glen,

    Thanks for the advice, I've not had a chance to give the tt a go yet and the stink fro the cast is already quite special :lol:

    I'm going to call the hospital tomorrow as the cast is falling apart! I'm off camping for a few days over easter so don't want it to fall off.

    Just over two weeks till the cast is off so I may just have to wait :cry:

    Thanks again
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    I've broken bones racing n ridin bikes and I think the best piece of advice and experience I could pass on is dont stress about your fitness bones heal quickly and even quicker in fit people. I wouldnt be slogging myself on a turbo every night for an hour just sit on it a few times a week without too much intensity to keep blood flowing to your muscles and your CV system ticking over. Your body wants you to take it easy and let it repair damage that has happend so best to let it get on with it.
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