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5 day scotland tour. Any ideas?

summittopplersummittoppler Posts: 12
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After a short 2 day tour in Wales last year, I like the idea of something up Scotland.

Got 5 days solo tour, wild camping, but the choices available is vast.
Start finish at a train station.

Any ideas/tips please?


  • WooliferkinsWooliferkins Posts: 2,060
    Dundee to Aberdeen? With a circulatory type of route. Blairgowrie to Braemar is a lovely road. A1, dogs danglies chip shop in Stonehaven. Do your midge homework!
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  • amaferangaamaferanga Posts: 6,789
    How many miles per day?

    Oban - Fort William via circuit of Mull with a couple of detours would come to about 200 miles.

    Ardrossan - ferry to Arran - round Arran - ferry to Kintyre - Campbeltown then follow coast as much as possible up to Oban would also be about 200 miles.

    Both extremely nice routes.

    Midges will be bad in the summer though.
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  • bompingtonbompington Posts: 7,674
    Oh man, how many thousand miles of great roads are there?
    I would have to recommend the west highlands for sheer scenery, but then the east gives you pretty good scenery too and a few less midges (the difference between misery and actual despair).
    I was going to recommend a few roads that came to mind, but it occurred to me that I was on the verge of listing just about every road north of the central belt - but then actually there are some great ones south of the central belt, and even in it.
  • bompingtonbompington Posts: 7,674
    I've often thought that heading up the west coast headlands, jumping over onto the islands to avoid the big loops inland, would make a great tour - how about this slightly randomly drawn route?
  • Cheers for your replys guys, much appreciated.

    I like the idea of Oban-Campelltown-Arran. So I might do some home work on that one, thanks.
    Thanks Bompington for your replys, I might try your 'slightly randomly drawn route' for a time when I'm a little more experienced and confident :oops:

    Thanks again, and I'm still interested in reply's from others :D
  • harpoharpo Posts: 173
    I did a min tour round Mull which was great. If you have 5 days I would propose:

    Day 1 Oban to Mull on Ferry then cycle Craignure to Fidden. There is a rough campsite at the farm here which is right on the edge of the sea and has the most glorious views over white sands and clear water. There is also a wee pub near the ferry for Iona for a pint at night.
    Day 2 quick trip to Iona then cycle to Calgary Bay which again is stunning. You can rough camp on the beach here and there is a toilet and water pipe.
    Day 3 short ride to Tobermory, spend the day here and then ferry to Aardnamurchan (Kilchoan). There is a wee campsite which is great. There is a small shop near by for food. The owner does guided walks along the beach to see some of the fossils on the beach, possibly a Pinemartin and here about the geeology of the place (peninsula was once a volcano). Beach is good for a fire to keep the midges away. But camping near the water keeps the number of them down (campsite 1 and 2 are pretty midge free).
    Day 4 (stay again in same campsite) A cycle over to Sanna Bay is a must, the beach is excellent white sand and dunes. Very good for a paddle and forrage for mussels to cook back at your tent! Plus Ardnamurchan point which is the most westerly point on mainland Britain.
    Day 5 Cycle to Lochaline (quite a tough hill out of Strontian - place where they found and named Strontium after!). There are a few cherry trees at side of the road so if you are there at right time of year look out. Then ferry back to Mull to get back to Oban.

    We saw loads of Eagles on this trip. Being on the bikes you silently creap up on them and found myself feet from a Golden Eagle as well as a few Sea Eagles. Stopped of for a break and seen otters playing in the water below us which was a great treat. You could go on a tour of Staffa if you wanted too. There is a campsite just outside Tobermory you could stay at but it was loaded with midges so we just spend our time in and around Tobermory.

    I don't like Arran that much to be honest. I find if pretty boring and overrated, the scenery isn't all that compared to much simpler and smaller islands like Bute. I think cause you are too close to it you can't see it. Kintyre is lovely too and there is a decent cycle route around there.
  • harpoharpo Posts: 173
    Actually in this months cycling plus there is a ride on Mull detailed.
  • Either:

    Arran > Kintyre > Cowal > Bute and then back to the mainland. Ardrossan is dead easy to get to and there's plenty of parking


    Oban, Mull, Ardnamurchan, Morven, Mull and back to Oban. Equally good, but bit of a trek for a weekend unless you're there already
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