Advice Needed - Norco Bike - VFR 3

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Anyone any ideas on the quality of this urban bike ? I'm new to the world of cycling and considering this a bike to take me into serious training on bikes for doing a 400 mile + ride in 18 months time - from snowdon to scafell pike to ben nevis - my blog says more on what i'm planning to do.

A few bike shops i've been to have suggested an urban hybrid might be more appropriate than a road bike.

it would be great to hear what people think
I am climbing the 3 Peaks, and cycling between them to raise money for Help for Heroes

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  • RonB
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    Hi Phil. Good luck with your plan btw and welcome to the forum.

    Your blog suggests that you will actually be walking up the hills. I think you would actually be better off with a road bike, maybe with a triple/certainly a compact to give you plenty of gears, which will enable you to ride with a decent cadence. A few other things to throw in to the mix...

    - drops to give you several different hand positions when riding. Those long distances can make your upper arms and shoulders sore if your not used to them.

    - depending on your final choice you might be able to reduce the overall weight of the bike. Obviously costs are a major factor here and a carbon frame might be ott.

    - weight saved on wheel choice and tyres will be important. There is a trade off between lightness and comfort though but if you decide on the road bike option I wouldn't have thought you would need a tyre width of more than 25mm.

    - depending on your level of support it might be worth considering a frame with dropouts which will enable you to take rear panniers (at least) as this might offer more comfort than carrying a rucksack.

    - last but not least check out the other posts here, which are full of handy suggestions and tips for these sought of decisions.

    Anyway, as I said at the start, good luck with your support for this worthy cause.
  • philspeck
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    thanks for your reply !

    i'm still undecided on which bike yet - but all advice is gratefully received and will help me choose
    the way i have been looking at the moment is that now we plan to carry nothing but hydration with us and have a van with 1 / 2 people as support - so now maybe leaning towards a road bike for speed and less weight - but i have to balance the price, which has leant me towards a hybrid / urban bike which would help with the price - have looked at a norco vfr3 - but its not set in stone yet - want to be exactly sure on which bike - can't afford the wrong choice !

    i have such a long time as it stands, but hope to have the bike sorted in the next month to begin the long training schedule !
    I am climbing the 3 Peaks, and cycling between them to raise money for Help for Heroes

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    vfr 3 is a nice little bike, but not really suited for what you're planning on doing. You need a road bike, but a fairly comfy one rather than an out and out race rocket!

    Something like a scott CR1 or a specialised roubaix.
  • philspeck
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    yeh - road seems to be the way forward - just gotta find one that i can afford !!
    I am climbing the 3 Peaks, and cycling between them to raise money for Help for Heroes

    follow me on twitter: @climbandcycle