Garmin 705 cadance sensor problem.

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The battery went in my cadence sensor. I've replaced it and and now all it does is flash the red and green light at me all the time.
Reset doesn't seem to work, and Google has been no help so far.
Any ideas anyone?


  • To enable the Edge to resync with the heart rate monitor or cadence sensor, please follow the steps below:

    Press the 'Mode' button until you get to the "Main Menu".
    Use the 'Down' arrow and scroll down to "Settings" and press 'Enter'.
    Scroll down to "System" and press 'Enter'.
    Scroll down to "Accessories" and press 'Enter'.
    Scroll down to "Restart Scan" and press 'Enter'.
    This should allow the GPS to once again communicate with the heart rate monitor. Other possible solutions are battery replacement and a master reset of the unit.

    Straight from Garmin help website,dont own one myself

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  • I have 4 cadnce units and everyone of them have failed at some point!BUT they do work again. I found a pattern with it.They dont work well in the pouring rain.This is when they seem to stop working, even after rescaning. I found that if u take the battery out and leave for quite some time(not sure how long) but definately over night.Put the battery in or better still, a new one.Then it shud work again.I dont know why this works for me but it does.Only last night i was setting up to do a session on the turbo and i obviously couldnt because the unit is speed sensor too.I had one of my other units standing there since before christmas with no battery in it.Put one in and hey presto it worked...wierd.The unit i had on had previously been used indoor on the turbo for months on end with not one problem, unitl last saturday when i was out and it was chucking it down.
    Hope this helps. Not very scientific i know but it certainly works for me!
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    Cheers, I've tried everything but a master reset.
    I'll leave the battery out overnight then. You never know!
    Ta guys...
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    I have had the same situation as "stevehenson", I have two GCS10's and they have both decided to stop working at some point. I found that the one that I had stuffed in the cupboard because it wouldn't synch no matter what I did to it, had started to work when the one that did work decided to die.

    They appear to get bored of working for a while and need a bit of a rest!

    They are both working again at the mo', but I'm sure that will change...
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  • They are incredibly prone to moisture problems, so that might be the reason they appear to start working again.
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    I too had inexplicable problems, tried loads of resets and even a second sensor that did the same after a while. In the end I gave up, and I must say that I enjoy my cycling much more without measuring cadence. I think a bit of cadence variation is a good thing.
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    It's having the speed measurable on the turbo that's bothering me to be honest.
    I've also found this advice from a Garmin support bod:
    After changing the battery to get sensor to pair with the Edge you need
    to do the pairing while riding the bike. As well, before I walk you
    through this process be sure that when you press the reset button on the
    side of the sensor the light flashes red/green.

    On the Edge go to the Main Menu>Settings>System>Accessories>Cadence
    Sensor>Yes>Restart Scan. When the restart scan is highlighted go out
    for a ride and after a couple of minutes press Enter on the Restart
    Scan. Continue to ride for another 2-3 minutes to give the unit and the
    sensor time to pair. After you press Enter on restart scan you need to
    go to the data fields page and watch for it to pick up.
    I'll try this tonight and see if it works.
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    Cheers, to stevehensen!
    For whatever reason leaving the battery out for a while (overnight in this case) seems to work. 8)
  • Great stuff. I just got on mine tonight to do some intervals and it wasnt working!I thought it was odd because it hadnt been in the rain! The battery had died.....phew.New one in and a rescan and adjustment to sensor position it works fine again.
    I do also think that these sensors are sensitive to how close you put it to the magnets.They need to be close to be reliable.

    Glad its working again.
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    pickled wrote:
    Cheers, to stevehensen!
    For whatever reason leaving the battery out for a while (overnight in this case) seems to work. 8)

    One of mine has started playing up too recently, and after replacing a new battery and getting the red/green flash, it still doesn't work, even though the garmin can see the sensor.

    Iv'e tried everything already suggested, apart from leaving the battery out overnight so I'll give that a go tonight.
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    Well mines not working again. No idea why and I haven't had time to look into it!