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Getting my bike to the Etape

I have signed up for the Etape but latterly found out that my agent does not ship the bikes.

Does anyone know anyone who does this. I need to get the bike from the Preston area to the start (and back).


  • redjeepǃredjeepǃ Posts: 531
    I looked at shipping a bike once (to enable an ebay purchase) and most shipping companies such as the Post Office, DHL, UPS etc will do it and it wasn't too expensive. I think it was around £25.

    You'd obviously want to spend some time to pack it well, but keep it as light as possible.

    I'd figure out the size and weight once it's packed away and then call a couple of companies for quotes. You can probably arrange for them to collect it for the return trip from your hotel.
  • ralasdairralasdair Posts: 32
    How are you getting there? I've never shipped a bike, but from what I've seen, if you're going on the train you cn take it along quite easily... As for the plane, there are people on here who've done it, with hardcases and the like..
  • andypandyp Posts: 8,860
    Ride it? :wink:

    Either take it bagged on the train or in a hard case box on the plane.
  • Will investigate options. Andy P - I would love to ride it there. Unfortunately IO have to work as well so do not have the time.
  • For what it's worth, my experience of sending a frame to south of France:

    I shipped a carbon road frame down to Perpignan last year. It was boxed up, dimensions of about 120 long, 80 high and 35 wide. The only shipping company who would accept a box of that size was UPS. Parcelforce and FedEx rejected my attempt at an online booking when I entered the dimensions. It cost me about £110 to ship it. On the plus side, it only took a couple of days to get there. I would say that you would struggle to fit a full bike, even stripped down, to a smaller size box and it'll weigh more than mine did so it's not going to be cheaper.

    How are you getting to the south of France - can't you book it on the plane you are flying on, if indeed you are flying? Just buy a second hand bike bag (approx £50) and take it with you.
  • dombo6dombo6 Posts: 580
    Stick it in the back of the car and drive.

    It's only 13 hours from Calais to Pau.
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