Shimano M520 Pedals

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bought some pedals off ebay, that came with the plastic normal pedal bit.

i;ve now got some shoes to go with the cleated side, how do i remove the plastic bit?

i've tried twisting it off like the shoes come off but it appears to be on extremely tightly, is there a way to slacken it to remove or is it jsut brute force thats required?


  • It should just twist off but might take a fair bit of effort if you are doing it by hand, particularly with brand new pedals. If you can get to the adjustment screw on top of the pedal with an allen key you should be able to reduce the spring tension by turning it anti-clockwise which might make it a bit easier.
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    you will notice that there is a notch in the plastic platform in the middle. Once the adjustment screw is fully backed off, a small (but strong) allen key or screwdriver should be able to fit in between the notch and pedal and lever it off.
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    cheers guys, i'll have another look tonight