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Evans Harewood house Ride it

stueycstueyc Posts: 518
Anyone do this?...Think the blurb about the actual course was a tad misleading!
some of those climbs were brutal...last mile upto harewood house nearly brought me to tears

be interested on anyones take on this who did it?


  • I meant to do this one, but forgot all about it. What was the route? If Harewood bank was the last mile, it's not really what you want to see for the run up to the finish is it?
  • and107and107 Posts: 55
    Did the medium route enjoyed the experience first time i have done a ride like that but suprised me how many climbs they were.
  • stueycstueyc Posts: 518
    yes..harewood bank to finish...real nasty spot on,gorgeous yorkshire scenary made me proud to be a yorkshireman, but those climbs were neverending.did the rumble and chemo classic last year...this was in a different league
  • stueycstueyc Posts: 518
    harewood to linton-sicklinghall-north rigton-beckwithshaw-bland hill-worstall cragg-menwith hill-darley-dacre-thurcross res-summerscales-bolton abbey-barden-burnsall-greenow-blubberhouses-swinsty/fewston-lindley wood (ouch!)farnley-weeton-then harewood
  • rolf_frolf_f Posts: 16,015
    I did the long route. I'd done it last year and it was much the same then - except the medium route (ie first part of the long) was clockwise then. Meant that the final bit after Almscliff went on forever - that time I had a clipless moment on the steep climb just before (after this time!) Sicklinghall and the long drawn out run up to Harewood from Linton on really poor road surfaces was far harder for me than Harewood bank (the psychology was worse than the reality for me!). The peletons in the early stages where great fun but I was mostly on my own on the long route.

    The medium route missed out the worst climbs! The climb out from Dibbles bridge is a real grind - I passed a couple of girls who were pushing up it. Daren't think what state they were in at the end...... And then you know you still have the one up past Stump Cross Caverns which is steeper (but much shorter).


    Stueyc - what route did you take and how long?! I'm pretty happy with my effort - above average time on a heavy 20 year old 501 main-tubed Dawes tourer.

    BTW - the route was classified as 3 out of 4 for hills. Has to be that way as the Lakes route is has Hardknott and Wrynose so is a little worse!
    Faster than a tent.......
  • leedsmjhleedsmjh Posts: 195
    I did the medium route and really enjoyed it, though found the hills tougher going this way round than doing it clockwise last year. Or maybe I was fitter then ...

    Thought it was a great ride - challenging, very well sign-posted and lots of other people out
  • stueycstueyc Posts: 518
    we did the long route...7 hours....glad we all got round in one piece
    big learning curve for me!
  • If you are interested this was the route ... 9747277320

    (Ignore the first 10 miles etc as mapped this out riding to harewood from home)

  • Thanks for posting that larriestyle, I had thought about trying to work out the route from stueyc's description but never got around to it. I don't like the look of that bit along the A59 very much. Are there any particularly good/bad bits to watch out for?
  • ketsbaiaketsbaia Posts: 1,718
    I've cycled bits of that route once or twice. The bit between Greenhow Hill and Burnsall is pretty interesting, with some steep descents and short sharp climbs. Lindley Wood's a bit tasty too. I'll be heading up that way this summer and staying in East Keswick, so I'll save that route and give it a whirl.
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