Fork on Blur LTC

pyro9n Posts: 6
edited March 2010 in MTB buying advice
I've got a Santa Cruz Blur LTC which has my old Van 32 140's on at the moment, with an old school QR (is this 5mm?).

I've decided that I need to buy something more interesting, with a little more travel as it feels steeper at the front than my old LT (v1). SC also recommend a longer fork.

I'm thinking about a 36 Float (or RC), but I'm open to recommendations. The requirements are as follows:
1. Doesn't weigh a ton;
2. 150mm+ travel;
3. Some kind of bolt thru.

I ride fairly fast, mainly up the Lakes. I've always liked coil shocks but want to keep the weight down.

Any ideas, what do people have on their 140mm travel AM bikes?