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Achilles tendonitis - advice on management of injury

nicholaskohyiminnicholaskohyimin Posts: 13
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HI everyone,

Ive had tendonitis in the achilles tendon for the past few months now, due to training in the army. ive been itching to get on the bike during weekends out of camp.
now trying to avoid running/walking distances and carrying heavy loads as it causes me grief.

anyone had this injury and found a good way to manage it while maintaining regular rides on the bike?

thanks for any advice!

nick k

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  • supersonicsupersonic Posts: 82,708 Lives Here
    I think this, and your other question, would be best dealt with by a physiotherapist or doctor who is more familiar with your case.

    But you never know, some here may have some advice!
  • yeah, i was hoping maybe someone else who had the injury before could offer some advice. going to the physiotherapist would cost $$$$$!! haha. the mbuk team might have some worthy advice too.
    nick k

    05 Merida Whitewater
    08 Turner RFX
    07 Merida Mission Comp
  • MarkDonMarkDon Posts: 200
    I've still got tendonitus in my left achillies, had it since i did the kielder challenge 3 years ago, it comes & goes and i just live with it.

    Been to see two docs, nhs physio, private physio, different drugs, none of which help.

    I can push myself, but then once its "gone" it inflames and nothing gets it down apart from rest.

    Private physio was taking about injections and operations, but they never pushed me towards them, they all just gave me stretches to do.

    I did the stretches and it helped a bit, then it just got to a point where it wasnt getting any better, of course the physio says thats because i stopped doing the stretches, which i didnt, this went on for 4 or 5 visits, then i sacked him off as just kept saying i was to blame.

    So, i just crack on now, it gets bad sometimes, but the pain just levels out and i plod on to finish whatever i'm doing. Probably not the best idea, but it seems to work so far.
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  • hi Mark,

    thanks for the reply. yeah i know what you mean by it coming and going. sometimes it gets better then after a ride itll be sore.
    i was recommended to go for hydrotherapy and stuff but that costs alot of $$$$$.
    been off the bike now for almost 2 months and it still hasnt gotten any better.

    i was told to gently massage the area with some heating ointment to stimulate blood flow, promoting slow healing. perhaps you could give that a shot, in conjunction with some mild stretching and see if it works for you.

    i think what youre doing to manage the injury is probably the best option.
    Hope you recover permanently soon!
    nick k

    05 Merida Whitewater
    08 Turner RFX
    07 Merida Mission Comp
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