Help me spend 2.5k at Wheelies.....

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Ok, another 'what bike for £' thread, but I'm limited here to one suppler (25% off). I have £2.5k to spend before discount is applied. My remit is for my 2nd road bike (ever) to compliment my current Alu framed hack. Wanted for sportive riding and possibly my first season racing. I'm not too fussed over relaxed geometry - would rather have something racy for special occasions. I'd really like the whole package in terms of quality - i.e. rather have a less coveted frame name if it means no compromise on wheels / groupset.

The front runners:

1. Felt F3
2. Scott CR1 Pro Compact
3. Scott Addict R2 Compact
4. Bianchi Infinito Athena Compact

Think all great bikes though the Bianchi is possbly hamstrung by entry level wheels.

Any opinions on these and/or some of the lesser well known makes: Time / Lapierre/ Cinelli?


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    I don't know about the rest, but I have a Cinelli Willin' SL. Specced with SRAM Force, Easton EA90SLX wheels and FSA finishing kit, it came to +/- £2400... I think :oops:
    Cracking bike, though. I can't wait for the better weather, so I can play on it again.
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    does it 100% have to be from that shop. If not id look into the ribble scurro rs. Full on race bike with full dura ace groupset and some shimano alu/carbon wheels for £2500
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    Go Buy C Plus this month and it has a review of about 50 bikes up to that price range that might give you something of an insight into other contenders. I have been looking recently as well around that price, and there are a TON of options.

    Mine will be a custom steel frame spec'd to my exact needs I suspect...
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