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Security System Puncture Protection it says on the tyre; on their website "thorns have no chance", so here's a little story. A few years ago I took up cycling again after a gap of some 35 years or so when I inherited a well used but well maintined Carlton which must now be about 40 years old. After a few off road rides the inexpensive Michelin World Tour tyres were getting too many punctures from thorns. A bike shop recommended Dutch Perfect tyres; "very popular with commuters" said the guy in the shop so I ordered a pair of the slick treaded 27 x 11/4 inch. I'm no doubt tempting fate by saying it but they have performed immaculately for over 3 years but the back is now looking a bit worn and due for replacement.

At the end of last year I decided to get a new bike, ready for the spring, and bought a Hewitt Cheviot with the aforementioned Continental tyres. With the bad weather and salted roads I'd hardly used it other than a few rides of a dozen miles each, all on tarmac to get used to the bike and adjust it to a comfortable riding position. At the beginning of the week I gave it a ride on one of my regular routes, around 28 miles on a mixture of tarmac, unmade roads, canal towpaths and designated routes including a section of the Trans Pennine Trail. Taking it out the following day: back tyre flat, so back on the Carlton next few days. Rain this morning so fixed the puncture; a thorn! So the VERY FIRST TIME the Continental tyres go on a route the Dutch tyres have done DOZENS AND DOZENS of times without incident they get puncured. Not very impressive., I now have no confidence in them. The Dutch tyres may ride a bit hard but they do the job! I pulled a drawing pin out once. The tyre had bent the pin over and no damage when I pulled it out.
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    Probably much better tyres are Schwalbe Marathon Plus, But the fact that you got one puncture is neither here nor there there is no such thing as a puncture proof tyre. . Yiu should just accep tthat punttures are a normal part ofcycling so gear yourself up for them. Continental tyres are not rubbish - you were just unlucky.
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    what blackhands said really. If you accept that no tyre is totally puncture proof then whether you get a flat on your first ride out or 3 years later doesn't really say anything about the tyre- although admittedly it is fecking irritating! But to decide that Contis are rubbish is jumping to conclusions a bit.

    I was a bit miffed when I got a flat on my new RibMo after just a couple of weeks but a year or so later it's the only one I've had, so they've turned out to be just as good as anything else I've used (touch wood!)
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    I bought a pair of Vittoria Randoneur Cross tyres for my hybrid. Double belted and "bomb proof". Was out on Monday along the Grand Union Canal and encountered hedge clippings like First World War barbed wire entanglement. No worries, the tyres are "bomb proof" :? The thorn that did for me penetratated on the edge of the "armoured belt"! Nothing is invulnerable.

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  • I have continental road race and they are awful for punctures. But wont drop a deuce on the whole brand because of it!

    seems strange that tyres made to be bomb proof are so bad for commuting, but maybe its just terrible luck!
  • I agree we must accept punctures as a fact of life which is why I never go out without repair kit, miniature pump & inner tube and considering what I've ridden over am surprised never to have had a flat in over 3 years with the Dutch Perfect tyres. Equally I'm a bit brassed off when I read "virtually impenenetrable to stones, glass & thorns" and "thorns have no chance. You will find it virtually impossible to pierce the thick security band under the tread" and the very first time I ride off road a rather mediocre thorn does exactly that! If I hadn't read that blurb I'd have shruggred my shoulders perhaps wondered if I had the right tyres for the job and would not have bothered to post anything on here!
  • I have a Montague Paratrooper bike, at present it has Continental Travel Contacts on it. Here in Oz we have a few thorns that are super thin and feel like they are made of steel.I've run 3 different sets of tires during the last 3 spring seasons to see which stood up to these thorns, the contis win hands down, the others work well but I get sick of fixing punctures.Worst run was 5 thorns in one day, using Schwalbe Marathon Plus, maybe just bad luck, but a pain all the same. Simple remedy carry a spare tube or two, make sure all of the thorn etc is out of the tyre and ride on.
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    It just appears that theses tyres are as thorn-proof as most others. It's the advertising that is rubbish, not the tyres. Perhaps you should write to Continental and tell them your story. See if the response is rubbish.
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    I had a pair of continental race too, no problems with punctures but after maybe 100 miles the side wall of one just failed and ripped.

    I contacted continental and the response I got was worse than rubbish

    I didn't get an response at all

    I think the OP is a bit daft though. How can you make a judgement on one puncture?
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    Got some Conti Gator K+ that sound right? Seem to be cut up easily with slices and nicks in the rubber..
    Say... That's a nice bike..
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