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I did a search so don't think this has been posted before. It is a great site answering motorists who claim we dont have a right to use the roads as we don't pay road tax.
Road tax doesn't exist. It's VED, or 'car tax'. Motorists do not pay for the roads, we all do, via general taxation. In 1926, Winston Churchill started the process to abolish road tax. He didn't want motorists to think a token payment gave them ownership of the road. Road tax finally died in 1937, says DVLA. Paying Vehicle Excise Duty gives no "right to the road" for motorists (or car-owning cyclists). iPayRoadTax.com products help spread news about what has become a movement.



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    I think its been mentioned in passing a couple times but never mentioned specifically or with the full link. Its run by Carlton Reid (who also does the Association of British Nutters twitter feed). His youtube vids are very "popular" with some petrol heads too, LOL!


  • Thanks for the call-out.

    BikeRadar.com has done kindly stories on the campaign.

    And I don't just do protest and campaign sites, I also have a 'real job' or two. I'm executive editor of BikeBiz trade magazine and also edit Bikeforall.net, the bike industry owned cycle-promoting website soon to morph into BikeHub.co.uk.
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    Very fancy website isn't it. I like it.

    Trivial issue though.
    Shazam !!
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    DomPro wrote:
    Very fancy website isn't it. I like it.

    Trivial issue though.

    Trivial? Not really. Both high ranking members of the RAC and the AA are lobbying hard for cyclists to pay a "road tax" (and in line with the cars, not just in line with CO2). There are also various campaigns being run, and petitions banding about asking for this. If we remain silent we might end up actually having to partially through general ignorance, partially a jealously thing.

    Several MPs have raised the idea in the past too, David Curry MP is one iirc.