Help- a comfy ride for ladies?

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I've recently started cycling regularly and have a boardman hybrid. I'm loving it but am experiencing a lot of discomfort in my "lady bits"!


I don't want to stop but this is sometimes very painful. I have some padded pants, a ladies saddle (all be it very old) and believe I have the height set right....

Any suggestions as to kit or techinque?



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    Apologies for not having an answer to your actual question, but you do know that your thread title is going to attract a lot of Viz like gags from the boys..?

    This si going to be fun!

    I had one of them red bikes but I don't any more. Sad face.

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    It could be just because it's new to you and the body needs to get used to it and the position,if you are padded and you have the right seat height then maybe some sort of chamois cream is needed until you are used to it,change of saddle is another,it's all trial and error until you are comfortable really.
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    Hi, just because you have a ladies' saddle, it doesn't mean it's the right saddle for YOU. I have recently changed one ladies' saddle for another as I wasn't getting along with the first one. (My first saddle had a cutout, current saddle doesn't.)

    As the prev poster said, it's all down to trial and error.

    Bontrager do a 6 month money back guarantee - if you decide after 6 months it's not the saddle for you, they'll either replace or refund. The Bontrager ladies' saddles come in 3 different widths - if you are tempted, try and locate a Bontrager stockist that has the fitting system so you can work out what width you need.
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    At risk of sounding all Viz [let's get that out of the way pls], it might be your position on the bike.

    If your parts are taking the brunt, it may be due to the saddle being a shade too high. Do your hips roll when you're pedalling along? Rule of thumb is that when stationary with your heel on the pedal at it's lowest point your leg should be straight. That's a start point.

    Is the seat angled properly? It should be parallel to the floor, not nose-up.

    Is it too far back? If it is you'll be stretching and unconciously leaning forward and putting more weight on the front of your ladies area. Again, not comfy, not for us anyway so prob not for you either.

    Following on that same train of though, are the bars rotated enough? You want to be able to fall naturally to the flats on the hoods, not stretch to them. Most bikes seem to be set up with the bars rotated forwards a bit too much. Roll them back to bring the hoods a bit closer to your shoulders.

    What you'd benefit from is a good fitting session; worth its weight in gold in the end if your initial position and posture isn't right.
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    I had one of them red bikes but I don't any more. Sad face.

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    I have to admit I'm glad you brought up this thread. I've suffered the same problem since I got my road bike and it's nice knowing I'm not alone.

    I have tried moving the seat forward and rotating the bars but may need to play around with it a bit more.

    However just in case does anyone know anywhere around the Glasgow area (south side preferably) that do bike fitting.
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    Thanks for that. Reading the posts I think that the saddle is probably a bit too high. I'll have a play before my next ride.
    At least that is the free option... then I shall have to try out some new saddles.... new gear... mmm.... never bad!