Spec. Stumpjumper / Giant Trance / Trek Fuel EX

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I've been riding a (heavy) 2006 Norco sasquatch HT for four years and I'm planning to buy a new FS trail/light all mountain bike this season. I'll provide as much info as I can, and I have a few questions at the end.

Rider Info
- Height: 6'6''
- Weight: 200lbs
- Age: 20
- Pedals: Clipless
- Bike Use: about twice a week on the trails, except in the winter.
- Style: Trail rider, Occasional XC recreational racer .
I live on the East coast, the trails are of a wide variety of terrain including fast granite, moderate rock gardens, technical climbs and descents, multiple small to medium drops, and some moderate downhill sections. I like going fast on trails, going for about 2 hours per ride, and doing drops if they're on the way (up to about 4 feet).

New Bike requirements
I'm looking for a bike that is relatively light weight, but can still handle all kinds of moderate terrain.

- Size: XL (20'-21' frame)
- Budget: $2400-$3200
- Travel: about 130-140mm (5' to 5.5')
- Full Suspension
- Weight: about 27-29lbs (maybe a bit more for the XL size)

Bikes Considered (2010 bikes) .. ordered by how much I like it, most is at top ..

- Specialized Stumpjumper FSR Comp.. includes a fox triad, hmm ..
$2500, 27.2lbs, 130mm travel, 70.5 seat tube angle

- Giant Trance X2 .. neat virtual pivot system ..
$2600, 27.1lbs, 120mm travel, 73.5 seat tube angle

- Trek Fuel EX 8 ..
$2800, 28 lbs, 120mm travel, 72.5 seat tube angle

- Devinci REMIX SL3 ..
$2700, 28 lbs, 130mm travel/140mm fork, 73 seat tube angle

Gary Fisher/Kona bikes are also available in my city. The Roscoe 1 looks good too! (140mm travel w DRCV, but I don't know what the weight is..).

I briefly looked around for used bikes, but XL frames are hard to come by so I will probably buy new; they're also hard to come by (without ordering) to test ride!

- Is the 120mm travel enough for moderate trail riding/3-4 ft drops on occasion? What about 140mm?
- The seat tube angle on the stumpjumper is much slacker than the other bikes, will this slow me down on climbs? (or will it help? .. I'm really tall).

-Which bike to get?! :o


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    Have you considered the Gary Fisher Rumblefish? The 29" wheels will probably be a good fit for your height and it would be great on the trails you describe.
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    I've ridden a 09 Stumpjumper FSR (albeit quite a while ago) and own a 2010 Trek EX8, both are excellent bikes but for me, and it may very well be purchasers bias, the Trek felt more controlled going up and down.