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can anyone suggest what is causing my knees to get sore. the best way to discribe where the pain and stiffness is. facing me it is the bottom bit of my knee the just below the knee cap on the muscle of my left knee. my right knee is stiff in the exact same place but compared to the left knee its barely noticable. i have always got a bit of stiffness here but i just built a hard tail (was using a full sus up to now) and the pain is getting worse. i also notice i get pins and needles in my right hand too.


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    You need to lift your seat up a bit, that should sort out your sore knee,s.
    if not it needs lowering a little, adjusting it up or down on a ride will sort the pain out. when you sort it out, the pain will go. also if you are getting pain in your wrist thats maybe because your stretching a little to far forward to reach your handle bars. you may need a longer stem. that would also cause pain in your lower back. :( hope this helps a little.
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  • Longer stem - possibly, but I would start by sliding the saddle forward just one cm first.
    Start with the adjustments that are free first....
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    Longer stem - possibly, but I would start by sliding the saddle forward just one cm first.
    Start with the adjustments that are free first....

    I was going to suggest this. I had your exact problem when I had the brilliant idea of moving my saddle back for a few rides - thinking it would be more comfortable on long road sections. Moved it forward again and my knees were fine.

    As for your hand - Maybe you are gripping too much with it as your left knee is in pain and you are over compensating on that side? Sort the knee out first and see if it still a problem. Your left hand is the one you really don't want pins and needles in!
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    My money is on the brake levers too high means you are pushing on the nerve at bottom of the hand giving you the pins and needles

    Try putting the brake levers to run at about 45degrees to the ground.

    for the knees - it could be anything - as above play with the set-up and see....
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    Just remember to try one adjustment at a time! So you know what is working.
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    I get pins and needles in just my right hand occasionally - I noticed I have my right wrist at more of a angle than my left (might be due to a recurring shoulder issue) - I founf Spesh BG mitts really helped - they have extra padding on the outside of your hand that stops a nerve getting squished.

    Knees - be careful with them. They're telling you something isn't right - could be worth speaking to a physio. if they go, you'll be faced with a lot more trouble.