which road tyres should I buy?

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All my cycling is on good road surfaces, can be a bit sandy at times. My main concern is the heat, it does get hot here in Middle East. I have been using a pair of Vittoria pro teams for the last few years with no problems. I am looking for a good pair of tyres that will help with my average speed. Do I go for top of the range? or will the heat have an effect on the material the tyre is made of. I try to cycle as long as I can into the summer, so mid 40 degree heat. Any ideas?


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    This is predominantly a UK based forum, so unfortunately we don't have too many problems due to heat, so you may not get much help on this subject.

    Continental 4000s tyres seem to get good reviews, though as I said previously, I can't say what they'd be like in the heat.
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    What do the pro's ride in those parts

    I like pro race 3's - really fast - dunno about the heat though
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    Where I live we get plenty of 30-35deg days in the summer and the heat has never been a problem for tyre wear and reliability. 40deg I doubt would be much different for a tyre. For cars and motorbikes it will make a big difference since either would generate far more heat than a bike with the weight and speed they run under. I've run the Mich Pro 3's for a couple of years and never noticed any huge differences in wear between cold and hot seasons.
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    Just a good quality compund tyre really.
    As already mentioned.
    Conti tyres - Attack/Force
    Pro Race 3's

    Keeping the tyre pressures correct and avoiding melting tarmac and sticky tyres is the biggest concern in that heat.
    Tyres with a smooth rolling surface ie slick tyres, would seem best to me as you'll get the grip no problem.
    Ultremo R1's, Veloflex's or even a Triathlon tyre would also work nicely I'd say.
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    + 1 for the Schwalbe Ultremo R.1, very light and fast feel. Also the Vredestein Fortezza Tri Comp are good, tough too.
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    ...where else can there be a chat between people from Qatar, San Diego and Dunstable? :D ...good stuff.....!
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    Cheers for replies, seems that I needn't worry about the heat. I just didn't want to spent a lot on a top range set of tyres to have them perish after a few rides. The pros are sensible, they come out for the tour of Qatar in Feb when its bit cooler, and though I did go to watch a couple of stages I didn't notice what tyres they had on. Off to Wiggle now for a bit of shopping.
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    Maybe try conti's gator skins? they last pretty well too..
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    Well I do most of my cycling around Riyadh in Saudi Arabia and have had no problems (other than the odd p****ture from the massive amount of rubbish, particularly car tyre debris that litters the roads around here) with Conti 4000's, Veloflex Pave/Black or more recently Schwalbe Ultremo.

    Honestly can't see temperature being as issue, well not unless I leave my bike leaning against the garden wall as I did once last summer. Could barely touch it after an hour in direct sunlight tyres didn't seem to suffer though.
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    If you pump up your tyres in an air conditioned inside, solar heating could increase whatever pressure you pump to by 20% (eg 110psi -> 132psi).
    That could be enough to give problems, especially if the rim is starting to get worn.