New £1500+ bike; advice please!

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I am beginning to really enjoy "proper" riding, and want to spend some pennies to make it even better! I have done a couple of sportifs on a hybrid (which stoppped being fun after 50 or so miles!), and want to upgrade. I have about £1500 to spend, although could stretch it a bit.
Currently I am looking at the Roubaix, but feel that Spec is perhaps a little "run of the mill". A couple of questions...

1- Is the Roubaix really worth the money?
2- What is the serious competition?

The rules are that the bike must be available for a local shop (I don't want to spend that much money without speaking to someone face to face), and the bike must be good for (1) daily commute of 15 miles each way inc a couple of big hills, (2) sunday morning 50 mile jaunts, (3) summer sportifs of 100+ miles and (4) possible big runs -Etape etc - in a year or two time.

Not much to ask, then....... :?

Any thoughts warmly received.


  • For that riding I'd suggest looking to see whether a titanium framed-bike would be available within your price range. Ti would make much more sense for your riding, being much more durable and more comfortable than carbon. There are others on here much more familiar with ti in that price-range than me so I'll leave it for others to suggest bikes.

    I also believe Nap D is selling a Litespeed that might be right up your street, depending on size.

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  • Competition for a Roubaix

    Trek Madone 4.5C
    Cinelli Willin Sl
    Cube Agree
    Gary Fisher Chronos
    Eddy Merckx EMX-1

    Thats a good start list
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