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Felt hub gone tight

monster-mashmonster-mash Posts: 586
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Hi I have a Felt F1X crosser noticed last night that back pedalling the crank was offering a lot of resistance anyway removed the chain to find that the cassette was tight to free wheel so removed the wheel to find the whole axle turning when the freehub is rotated backward. Going to look proper this Friday but need a little help on how to remove the axle as it looks different to the Shimano kit I have been use to.
Anyone got any links, experience or even a How To.



  • sungodsungod Posts: 16,057
    what are the wheels?

    if they're mavic cxp-22 i've got the same on my marin...

    pop off the rubber cover on the non-drive side, undo and remove the lock-nut and the cone, pull out the axle from the drive side, you can now remove the freehub with a hex key

    btw had you seen this... ... ageid=1497

    ...not sure if it affected them everywhere, but really worth checking!
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