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Shimano replacement screws

knownoversightknownoversight Posts: 45
edited March 2010 in Workshop
Anyone know where some Shimano replacement screws can be bought from?
The screws I'm talking about are the high and low adjustment screws from a 105 front derailer.
Mine are a little worse for wear, and I'd like to replace them while they're not completely rounded off..
I'd also like to replace the screws from the brake adjustment on both brakes.

I've had a look round the interweb, but can't really find anything..



  • zaneszanes Posts: 563
    They are usually just standard (m-size) bolts, plenty of places (on teh ebay) sell small quantities of good quality stainless ones.
  • chriskemptonchriskempton Posts: 1,245
    Try googling Petra Cycles I've had Shimano spares off them and they're very good.
  • I've not really found what I'm after,these two tech docs seem to be saying it's an M4x13mm screw...but I don't seem to be able to find any..
    Here's a couple of links to the technical docs for the 105 front derailer and the brake unit:
    105 front Derailer
    105 brake
    The Petra cycles site is pretty good, and they seem to have everything...but the M4..!!
  • errm, I think i've just found the screw.
    Could someone double check it for me please?
    This is from the Petra cycles site

    I'm pretty sure this is the correct one, it's 1mm shorter than what the shimano data tech sheet suggests, will this be a problem??
  • John.TJohn.T Posts: 3,698
    How much do you use the screws? I never touch mine from one year to the next. When they are set they stay set.
  • Normally, I'm the same, I don't touch them, but I did a lot of riding last year, which meant a lot of bike maintance...and they're just starting to round off a little, so I want to change them before they round off completely and I can't get them out..
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