Assos F1 Mille Waist short vs H F1 Uno

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I'm a bit confused about Assos's different types of short - I'm trying to buy a pair of very comfortable waist shorts for touring (wearing under touring shorts or mtb baggies) for long day riding - I find bibs impractical for touring but the padded shorts that often come with 2-part shorts are often quite poor quality.

Primera-Bournemouth have the F1 Mille and the F1 Uno in stock at a sale price at the moment. What is the difference between them? Is it just that the Mille have thicker pads or are there other differences?

And while I'm at it, any hint on sizing? The Assos website gives no sizes for waist shorts - the bib shorts are sized according to height, not waist size. I'm about 32'' to 33 inch waist.


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    You want a size large or XL. Probably a large.

    The UNO is a better short - with a slightly different pad. But both are excellent and you can't go wrong with either.
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    The Mille does inded have a thicker pad, but as I understand it also has a sligtly more generous cut than the Uno's which are designed more as a racing short. Ironically I have owned both and find the Uno more comfortable, but that could just be my wierd shape!

    In theory, the Mille will be more suited to your purposes.

    If you are just after something to wear under shorts, have you tired the Endura type of padded underwear - (they look like Calvin Kliens with a pad!). They are not quite as comfy as top race shorts of course, but will save you loads of £. I found these better than the removable padded linings in MTB shorts, which as you say are not the best.

    Sizing wise, sounds like you would take a size large in Assos. I take an XL to fit my 34/35 waiste.
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    Thanks for the tips.

    ajb I haven't tried those Enduras, but I've tried similar ones. They seem a good idea, but I find that without the elastic of lycra they ride up in a very uncomfortable way after a few hours. or maybe i just have a funny shaped body.