Which brake pads for Shimano 7850 CL

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I have bought some Shimano Dura Ace 7850 CL wheels which apparently can be used with standard brake pads. However, I have yet to put them on my bike as the rims are only 0.7mm thick and I would like to chose some pads which won't wear the rim too quickly.

Any suggestions for a set of rim friendly pads?


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    Kool Stops. period.

    Salmons are now on all my road bikes. Can't praise them enough, good stopping power and modulation and they don't feck your rims up. Amongst other wheelsets I have the 50mm and 24mm 7850s and thank the Lord I swopped out. One ride on the OE DA pads spoke volumes.
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    swisstop green, bit pricey but seem pretty kind to rims and good performance- have been using them all through winter- about to stick a new set of them on to go with my new 7850 cl's , now the raods are a bit better..
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    I personally went for swissstops on the same cl24 wheels as my research showed them to be the kindest to rims.

    I was also worried about this 0.7 mm thing and I think this has been hugely and unfairly mis-reported. The braking surface is normal thickness and the alu under the carbon layer is 0.7 mm at it's thinnest. Looking at the wheels when they arrived backed this up. I measured the brakIng surface at between 1.5 - 2.5mm so don't fret.

    It's a shame if this fallacy puts people off the wheels as I think they're utterly fantastic.
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    I have the R80's (Ultegra laminates)

    Is there much difference between swissstop yellow (race) and coolstop salmon?
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    Yellow are for all carbon wheels.

    You want green or black as rs80 has an aluminium breaking surface.
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    leave your current ones on, it'll make you corner faster :o
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  • Thanks for your response!

    I've decided to give the Kool Stop Salmons a go.

    Aprox £13.50 for (two pairs of) Salmons versus aprox £21 for Swisstop.

    Initially, I thought the Swisstop were alot more expensive but they seem to be sold in packs of two pairs rather than per pair, interesting marketing gambit!
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    you won't look back! well you might as they actually slow you down and give you more control :)
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