Scott Addict vs Scott CR1

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Considering buying a CR1 or an Addict (R2 or R3). I understand the Addict is slightly racier and lighter than the CR1. Has anyone ridden both and/or can comment on their experiences? How does the Addict perform over long distances as opposed to the CR1?


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    Bought the 2009 CR1 Team round about August last year. It's built with 105 and Mavic Aksiums which aren't the lightest wheels in the world but they seem strong enough.

    Absolute joy to ride, really comfy and soaks up the rattling I get from the crap road surfaces in these parts no problems.
    Longest ride I've done so far has been about 60 miles but still felt pretty fresh at the end of it.
    Climbs like a demon too due to the weight or lack of it. According to my scales it weighs in about 18lbs roughly.

    Only downside I would say is the stock saddle on itbut that opens a whole can of worms about saddles. Will eventually swap it for a flite when the mrs/budget allows.

    By all accounts the 2010 CR1 has a more relaxed geometry more aimed at sportives etc with the Addict being the more race orientated frame. Not sure if there was that much difference in the previous years models though.
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    interesting thanks.

    I'm going from an Alu frame so I think the Addict, even with a racier geo, will still seem super comfy and very light. I do mostly longish, endurance type rides but am thinking of racing this year too so I think the addict is a good bet.
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    I haven't ridden the Addict but I opted for a CR1 for the slightly more relaxed geometry. However, I would have absolutely no problem with racing on it. If you are doing mainly long endurance rides and some racing I would say the CR1 would be ideal. If you have a look on the Scott site they break the bikes down into racing and performance. The Addict has the yellow bar extending slightly out of racing into performance whilst the CR1 does the opposite so there is some overlap and for amateur racing I don't think it's necessary to have a full thoroughbred racing bike.