Fixed Bikes - A few questions

kitsunegari Posts: 131
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I'm new to "fixies", but want to get one. I live in Cambridge, it's flat and ideal for a fixed gear bike, but as I've never had one I thought I'd ask a few questions.

I'm after a bike that is comfortable for long rides, not that I'd use it every day but it would do ~30 miles in one day on the days I do ride it.

Can anyone recommend me a good bike? I like the look of the Felt Dispatch (2009) but reading the review here it's a little overpriced. Another one I've looked at is the Specialized Langster. Both get good reviews.

What should I look out for? Gearing wise from what I've read 48/18 would seem to be about right for this area; or have I misunderstood?