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I’ll be getting a road bike in the next couple of weeks but my budget is really limited, only £500. I am considering second hand but if I did go new, what bike (retailer) is currently the best deal for my budget? If it makes any difference, it will be a medium frame.

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    If you are interested in some of the larger brands, you could get a Trek 1.2 or Specialized Allez in this budget. http://www.cyclestore.co.uk/productDeta ... ctID=21398

    The Specialized would be my preference, decent Shimano kit that should last well. The Allez sport is £100 more but has better gears, so perhaps a bit of haggling could get this nearer budget?

    Second hand will obvioulsy get you more for your budget but good luck which ever route you decide on.
  • Have a look/ring your local bike shops and see if the have any bargains from last year that they are selling off. Friend of mine went into my LBS last weekend and bought what was last year a £1,000 bike for £700, carbon front and rear and good components.
    However, both the bikes you mentioned are ideal new first roadies, just try them both and see which you like better.
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  • If you can squeeze an extra £100 in the budget, the Scott S50 is £599 and has really decent kit on it. Had great ratings in all the cycle mags too.