1950's parts question

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What wheels would have been fitted to a 1952 (?) good (ish) quality fixed gear bike. 27" or sprints. If 27" what rims and hubs. Also what brakes and pedals..........


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    26x1 1/4 maybe?
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    I would have thought that this was about the time trends were moving towards 27" wheels and Sprints for racing definately.
    My 58 Carlton has Dunlop lightweight rims fitted and my 56 Uppadine has later (60's)Mavic sprints and a set of Atom/Rigida 27x1 1/4 wheels for winter/lane use.

    Brakes at this time would likely to be early GB hiduminium or just maybe an early set of MAFAC centrepulls. Early Camapg stuff will have been rare around this time but Weinmann might just have been surfacing with their early side pull brakes.

    Check out "Velo base" or "Classic lightweights" for reasonably accurate dating of parts
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    This 1951 Bates us shod with 26 x 1/4" rims.

    http://www.classiclightweights.co.uk/bi ... er-rb.html

    whereas this Hetchins is fitted with 27" wheels.

    http://www.classiclightweights.co.uk/bi ... mo-rb.html
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    I have some pedals off of a 1950 Claud Butler if you'd like them. Just postage cost. I don't know if they're original because I haven't inspected them (just put them in my parts box).

    The rubber bits need replacing and they're a bit rusty, and have no clips or straps mounted to them, but otherwise they're good.