Rapha Touring Shorts - non lycra shorts for Roadies.

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Very keen on these for short runs about town and casual runs. Not so keen on the price. Anyone know of anything similar on the market for a bit less wonga?



  • nicensleazy
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    When it comes to shorts.......there is only one name.....ASSOS !
  • Chirg
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    nicensleazy - can't find anything not made of lycra on the assos site. Can you post a link to the shorts you mean please?
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  • Westerberg
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    Chirg wrote:
    hmm - they might be worth a punt. Maybe a little too baggy. I guess I'm being a little fussy - some nice tailored tight-ish fitting shorts but not ones which leave the family jewels bulging out would be just the ticket.
  • GyatsoLa
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    I don't know if they still make them, but I have a pair of Gore Touring Shorts (bought out of a bargain bin last year). They are excellent - much tighter fitting than mtb baggies, perfect for riding a road bike when you don't want that lycra look. Very practical too, some very well designed pockets.