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OK, I'll try to do this quickly but just want to be sure I am making the right purchase.

I bought a Trek 1.5 2009 man's triple last year (Sora shifters, most other parts Tiagra). I have now purchased an Orbea Onix Dama T105 going through order on Monday, also a triple. I am thinking of actually getting the TLT version. I really like the Orbea and do not want to keep the Trek now. Orbea feels a better fit I was a 52cm on Trek man's and this Dama is a 53cm but the manufacturers measure them slightly different and the Dama is slightly smaller and I don't need the adjustments I had with the Trek.

The Dama T105 is £1,550
The Dama TLT is £2,000 (maybe £1,900)

First issue I have is the weight - Trek is 19.7 pounds; TLT is 17.9 and T105 is 19.4. I would have thought it would be lighter than the Trek? Does Carbon GSM mean anything to anyone and also, it is SSN (something about sensory nerve). In fairness, this is a carbon entry level bike. Wheels on TLT are Mavic Askium and on the T105 Shimano RS10.

Would I still notice a significant difference in riding this carbon frame compared to the aluminium? Apparently, it is supposed to be more comfortable and the Onix frames.

The first Dama does a TTG (Tiagra) but I thought best to go for T105 but have now been given the go ahead to get the TLT as I won't need to do upgrading later - I'd be happy with this groupset for this value bike. What would you get and why?

As the order is going through Monday, I would like to be abel to make a decision before then.

Many thanks for your help.


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    You should notice a difference between a carbon and alloy frame, whether that difference is what you want is anothr matter. Alloy frames generally reckoned to be a harsher ride, less flex for absorption in the frame etc.

    I`ve got both, but the carbon bike (Roubaix) has the Zertz elastomer inserts in the seat-stays, forks and seatpost, so this gives it a more supple ride than a full-on carbon race frame (so they say), the alloy framed bike I`ve got has carbon seat-stays with Zertz inserts, which make a noticeable difference between full alloy seat-stays (I have Spesh Allez (x 2) one with full alloy frame and one with carbon seat-stays)
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    Thanks Johnny. Had so many views but you were the only one to respond. My Trek is my first ever road bike and I knew nothing about bikes before and only a little bit now! To go from £700 to £2,000 is a lot of money in a year and just wanted to know that I'm getting my money's worth - that I will feel a difference. Obviously, the shifting and things will feel different going from mix of sora/tiagra to ultegra and I presume the wheels are better but I was always told to buy the best frame you can afford so this is it! Thanks again for your input.