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Hi just got myself my first road bike,specialized allez elite.Im looking fo a half decent set of pedals without clips, i prefere flats.Anyone reccomend.At the moment i use v12 on my mtb.Is it just me or dose everyone use the clip pedals now.


  • sungod
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    get some clipless pedals, if you are doing anything more than gentle riding there's a huge difference in performance

    you could put spd on both so you can use the same shoes for road and mtb

    otherwise if you want to keep the mtb on flats, do try clipless on the road bike, once you've got used to them i think you'll never go back to flats
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    Well worth a search on the forum since there are a few similar threads about. Most suggest getting the hang of cleats sooner rather than later and I wouldn't argue with that.

    Sungod is right about spd's being something you could use both on and off road. But if you want to start from scratch I suggest you look at shoes at the same time so you get everything sorted in one go. Good luck.
  • janwal
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    Have a look at these power grips.I couldn't get along with clips and I have ben using these for a couple of years now.First and original pair is still on my MTB and only has slight fraying on the edges.Have just bought some for my new road bike.You get the same pulling power on the climbs as clips but you can wear what shoes you like,just adjust strap with alan key if you change.Getting in and out is easy you don't even have to think about it and you can wear winter over shoes easily aswell.They will fit any open cage type pedals.I bought some of these ... s-ec005316 .They are light and offer a good flat platform and seem ok so far.
  • Barrie_G
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    Have a look at the shimano A530 pedals, flat one side spd the other, gives you the chance to try spd if you want to if you don't you have some nice slim low profile pedals :wink: ... earch=a530

    you may be able to get them cheaper else where but these are the pedals I'm on about.